Community Sport App

Give your players and admins the best experience...

Our Community Sport app is designed for sports clubs/leagues wanting to help administrators and players to more easily organise teams, communicate key information and changes, promote their values, and provide a better all-round experience that is aimed at retaining more players within your sport.

The app also provides excellent opportunities for partner promotion and interaction.

Individual player customisation:

Every app user is able to quickly customise their app to show only the teams/clubs/leagues they are associated with

They can then have access to features including:

    • Their full league information and ladders (with live changes)
    • Their full match schedules (with live changes)
    • Full venue information for their matches
    • Personalised notifications of changes and cancellations

Admin tools:

The real value of this app for admins/captains lies in:

    • All player profile and contacts saved (privacy protected) in-app for all team admins
    • Live team building and player ‘check ins’ (to confirm who is playing)
    • Instant messaging to all players on the team
    • Instant messaging to opposing team admin (to confirm changes/cancellations etc)
    • Ability to post a ‘need a player’ notice on the shared message board – then add confirmed players to the team
    • Live shared-access score reporting (including goal-scorer details)
    • Shared post-game reporting and MVP nominations
    • Feedback and complaints reporting

Club benefits:

The app can also include options such as:

    • Club-wide messaging
    • ‘Volunteer of the week’ (etc) promotions on the opening screen
    • Sponsor promotions
    • Partner branding on any of the above features


This version of the app offers all the options above as well as in-app payment features:

    • Sub payment and tracking
    • Kit purchases and/or tracking
    • Additional fee/trip costs payments and tracking

We can also add any additional features your organisation may require.

Interested in this app?

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