Pre-built For Efficiency

Re-built For YOU

Fanatical apps are white-labelled, and come with an extensive range of functionalities and e-commerce options.

Our clients are able to select the most suitable options for their market, make any adaptions or additions, and re-skin with their own branding.

Because we have the foundational tech already built, we can complete delivery of a new app in a fraction of the time of other developers. And at a lower cost.

Fanatical Features

We have a full suite of white label apps available.

Some popular options we can include in your app are:

  • Ecommerce stores
  • Queue skip and POS integration
  • Fundraising/donation solutions
  • Ticket purchasing
  • Event maps and guides
  • Notifications of cancellations and changes
  • Live wait times
  • Crowd-sourced rating and feedback options
  • Competition entries
  • Live voting
  • Image and message submissions
  • In-app live streaming
  • Information/digital brochures (with live changes)
  • Future event promotions
  • List building and remarketing functionality

Explore Our App Suite

Fanatical Game Day
Fanatical Game Day + Food&Drink
Fanatical Home & Away Supporter
Fanatical Home & Away Supporter + Live Streaming

Fanatical Stadium 

Fanatical Stadium + Food&Drink

Fanatical Festival 

Fanatical Festival + In-App Orders

Fanatical Market Day 

Fanatical Market Day + In-App Orders

Fanatical Community Sport 

Fanatical Community Sport + In-App Payments

Fanatical Social Sport Organiser 

Fanatical Social Sport Organiser + In-App Payments

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