Give your festival guests the best experience...

Our Festival app is designed for promoters wanting to provide event-goers with key information, more options, and a better all-round experience.

The app also provides excellent opportunities for individual vendor promotion.

Optional features in this app include:

    • Full event information (with live changes)
    • Festival maps
    • Individual vendor information (with live changes to stock etc)
    • Ticket promotions/purchases (pop up notifications)
    • Partner promotions (with click-thru to partner websites)
    • Individual branding of any of the above
    • List building and remarketing opportunities
    • Feedback and security messaging
    • Realtime expected wait times
    • Enter online competitions
    • Send messages and photos to a big screen (and/or your social channels
    • Enter offline competitions (such as ‘meet and greets’ back stage)
    • In-app mini-games
Festival - map

This version of the app offers all the options above as well as advanced user features, and revenue generation options for promoters and for participating vendors including:

    • Pre-order food and drink packages from any vendor
    • “Skip the queue” ordering from any vendor 
    • Order food and drink to be delivered to your seat
    • User ratings and reviews of each vendor
    • Special offer promotions from vendors
    • Post-festival orders and deliveries
    • Customised VIP pass and upgrade packages

We can also add any additional features your organisation may require.


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